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Address: China operation center: Room 1305, Hangzhou Yin, No. 2030, Jianghui Road
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Product Development

ShineMate develops products with user orientation, carries out technological innovation based on the market, and pursues the comfort and experience of operation while solving the needs of polishing applications.

A product goes through a series of research and development processes from conception to finish, and finally to the market. In every stage of product development, ShineMate takes the needs of users into consideration.

Developers will not only analyze and make assumptions about how users use the product, but also conduct product testing and experiments in real-use conditions to continuously test the product, and provide users with a better product experience through corrections and optimizations.

Product Development Process
Multiple Product Testing

ShineMate has its own product testing lab. Before new products are launched, they will go through multiple tests to ensure product quality, further optimize and develop new products based on test feedback.

Power tool fatigue durability testing

Using rack testing and manual operation to conduct product durability testing to ensure that the product has an ideal service life and operation experience.

Motor parameter testing

Carry out a temperature rise test on the motor to collect data such as motor torque and temperature to ensure that the motor load meets the design requirements and has good anti-overload and heat dissipation performance.

Coordinate measuring

The core precision metal parts are measured by CMM to ensure that the sizes are within the tolerance range and meet the design standards of high precision and long life.

Physical property testing of rubber and plastic products

Design and manufacture various types of wool polishing pads according to market demand, including high-nap wool pads, short-nap wool pads, and striped wool pads with specially textured surfaces.

Polishing pad safety testing

With CNC cutting equipment and high-precision sponge cutting and processing technics, ShineMate can design and process various shapes on sponge blocks and produce various types of foam polishing pads. Among them, ShineMate designed diamond pattern foam pad can reduce polish splash and has good heat dissipation.

Polishing pad balance testing

With injection molding process and formula, ShineMate designed Dust Devil multi-hole backing plate, which has excellent balance performance, innovative multi-hole dust suction design, fast heat dissipation and dust removal, suitable for smooth sanding and polishing work.

Polishing pad fatigue testing

With composite processing technology of polyester nano-microfiber, ShineMate can manufacture various types of microfiber polishing pads, adopt professional bonding technology, resistant to high temperature and water wash, quickly achieving a glossy finish.

In-depth R&D fields

ShineMate has in-depth research in the fields of balance control of orbital polisher and sander, high-precision CNC cutting and processing  of metal parts, PU injection molding technology, and engineering plastic molding and injection.

PU injection molding& formulation
Engineering plastic molding& injection
Vulcanization molding of rubber products
Bonding/lamination of various materials
Precision cutting& processing of foam
CNC cutting& processing of metal parts
Balancing system for orbital sander/polisher