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After-sales Service Policy
Thanks for purchasing ShineMate products!

ShineMate provides a six-month warranty service for electric products purchased by users from formal channels in mainland China (excluding Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan). users can extend it to 12 months by online registration, but not exceeding 18 months after the date of manufacture, and the starting date is based on the warranty card and the serial code on the machine.

During the warranty period, ShineMate will provide free repair only due to material defects in the product or process problems caused by the failure. Users must subject the purchasing documents, warranty cards, full product model, product code on the nameplate, and date of purchase, along with the machine and accessories. They should be verified by the maintenance center.

During the warranty period, the following consumable parts are not covered by the warranty due to natural wear and tear:

• Wear in use: commutator, carbon brush, bearing, bushing, gear, O-ring, etc.;

• Consumables: Power cord, plug, cable sheath, handle, housing, polishing pads, backing plate of sander, etc.;

• Included parts and accessories.

*Parts and maintenance costs for non-warranty items shall be borne by the user.


The following are not covered under warranty:

• Failure to present a valid warranty card and proof of purchase, or the information on the warranty card does not match the physical object;

•  Damage caused by failure to use, maintain and store the product in accordance with the instructions for use;

• Damage caused by dropping, water ingress, etc., due to improper use, storage, or transportation;

• Damage caused by failure to use original ShineMate parts(e.g. carbon brush) or recommended accessories and lubricants;

• The user disassembles or causes damage by repairing, rebuilding, disassembling, or maintaining in non-ShineMate authorized service centers;

• Damage caused by forced braking or excessive pressure when the electric tool is running at high speed;

• Damage caused by using power tools or switching functions before reaching a constant speed or coming to a complete stop;

• Damage caused by foreign matter entering and not maintaining in time due to working in a dusty or humid environment for a long time;

• Battery damage due to insufficient charging and discharging time of the battery or frequent impacts or changing the charger plug.


ShineMate reserves the right to modify the above terms at any time without prior notice, and has the final right to interpret the above warranty terms.


For inquiries or complaints, please call the after-sales hotline at 400-806-2468.