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K & FP Limited.
Flat/RM 13-15 19/F, Nan Fung Centre, 264-298 Castle Road, Tsuen Wan, HongKong
Address: China operation center: Room 1305, Hangzhou Yin, No. 2030, Jianghui Road
Binjiang District, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, 310052
Post code:310052
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About ShineMate

From body shop refinishing to car care detailing, ShineMate polishing tool system is built based on the deep integration and overall design of electric polishers, sanding and polishing accessories, and polishing chemicals.

In order to reduce operator fatigue and achieve the perfect paint polishing effect, our electric polishers are not only lightweight, powerful, and comfortable to hold, but also have a leading eccentric balance control technology to suppress machine vibration.

ShineMate designed the Black DiamondTM diamond pattern foam pad, which covers the entire process from compounding to finishing, effectively reducing polish splash, giving stable control, and withstanding high-temperature and water wash, for swirl-free results.


All these nearly perfect product combinations come from our in-depth research on the sanding and polishing process of paint surfaces, profound experience accumulation, innovation, and manufacturing capabilities of our own factories.

With excellent production process, affordable prices, and a good customer reputation, ShineMate has successfully won the trust and love of users and has become a famous automotive polishing tool brand sold in more than 80 countries and regions around the world.

Application fields
ShineMate polishing tools are suitable for many fields such as automotive, yacht, furniture, and industry. We have a full set of systematic polishing products to meet various needs.
Automotive Polishing
Furniture Polishing
Yacht Polishing
Industrial Polishing
Super Factory

ShineMate has its own manufacturing factory in Yongkang City, Zhejiang Province (China), with an area of over 15,000 square meters. The factory has a large space, clear internal division of labor, and rich production capacity, which can fully meet the production needs of various types of polishing products.

Industrial Manufacturing
Customization of complete machines, parts and consumables

ShineMate has its own manufacturing plant and perfect internal R&D capability, and in-depth research in the field of balance control for orbital polishers and sanders. With integrated design and manufacturing capabilities from complete machines to consumables to meet the needs of corporate customers, providing them with customization and OEM services for polishing tools, parts, consumables, and peripheral products.

Production Equipment
The factory has complete manufacturing equipment for polishing tools, parts, and consumables, constantly introducing advanced technics and equipment to improve production efficiency.
Main production equipment and capacity:

>>PU/Plastic/Rubber injection molding machine

>>Stamping equipment/Metal thread processing equipment

>>Foam CNC cutting equipment/Bonding/laminating machine

>>High-precision metal processing equipment

R&D and testing

ShineMate has its own product development and testing laboratory. Before the new product is officially launched, it will go through multiple tests to ensure product quality, and further optimize and develop new products based on customer feedback.

In-depth R&D fields:

>>PU injection molding process and formulation

>>Molding and injection process of engineering plastics

>>Vulcanization molding process of rubber products

>>Bonding/lamination process of various materials

>>High-precision cutting and processing of imported foam

>>High-precision CNC cutting& process of metal parts

>>Balance system for orbital sander/polisher

Main testing equipment and capabilities:

>>Polishing pad fatigue testing, safety testing equipment

>>Rubber and plastic products physical property testing equipment

>>Balance testing equipment for polishing pads

>>Motor parameter testing equipment

>>Power tools EMC electromagnetic radiation testing equipment

>>Power tools fatigue durability testing equipment

Product, production management certificates

All ShineMate products comply with CCC, CB, CE, C-tick, EPCS, PSE, and other standards. The production management system has passed the ISO 9001: 2008 quality system certification.

ISO 9001 : 2008 Certificate
CCC Certificate
CE Certificate
CB Certificate
C-tick Certificate
EPCS Certificate
PSE Certificate
Development Milestones
ShineMate actively participates in domestic and international exhibitions, connects with the world, and draws ideas for the development of new products.
In July 2017, participated in the Dubai Auto Repair and Maintenance Exhibition to showcase the latest car polishing tool system.
In November 2018, participated in the Frankfurt (Germany) exhibition, and the latest refinishing and sanding system was unveiled at the exhibition.
In November 2019, participated in the SEMA exhibition in the United States, and the latest cordless polishing tool system was unveiled.
In December 2019, participated in the Frankfurt (Shanghai) Auto Parts Exhibition, and cordless polishing tools entered the domestic market.
In December 2020, participated in the Frankfurt (Shanghai) Auto Parts Exhibition.
ShineMate attended the Automechanika Dubai 2023

Become a world-renowned polishing tool system manufacturer with excellent technological innovation and R&D capabilities.


Pursue perfect product quality, constantly innovate and improve ourselves to provide satisfying products and services to customers.


Focus on the design and manufacture of paint sanding and polishing tools, and provide customers with tool solutions from sanding to polishing.