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Li-ion System

ShineMate intelligent Li-ion Battery system is a new interconnection and sharing system. Batteries, chargers, and electric tools use a set of unique digital communication technology, which can optimize the charging and discharging process of Li-ion batteries, give full play to the ideal performance of electric tools, and provide efficient power solutions.

Intelligent Power Supply System

Lithium batteries and power tools have built-in communication chips, which can realize intelligent identification and matching for different battery packs and tools, intelligently drive motors to output power, so that electrical energy can be fully converted into mechanical energy and achieve ideal performance.

Efficient Power Output
Overload Protection
Overheat Protection
Over Discharge Protection
Overload Protection
In high-load applications, excessive current will cause irreversible damage to the core components of the electronic circuit. When the battery pack is discharged with an abnormally large current, the system will intelligently judge based on real-time data and make a corresponding response to prevent damage caused by sustained current overload.
High Temperature Protection
When the battery cells become too hot due to continuous, intense use or too high ambient temperature, the machine will automatically stop working to prevent safety risks.
Over Discharge Protection
When the battery power is too low and the voltage drops, the machine will automatically stop running to prevent excessive discharge from damaging the battery cells and affecting the service life of the battery pack.
Charging Protection System

The digital chip monitors the power consumption in real time, strictly controls the voltage, current and temperature of the battery pack, protects the normal operation of the battery, charger and machine.

Equalized Charging
Overheat Protection
Overcharge Protection
Integrated Cooling
Equalized Charging
Identify the state of each battery cell during charging, detect the voltage difference, and perform differentiated charging to improve the overall service life of the battery pack;
Overheat Protection
During the charging process, if the battery temperature is too high, the charger will automatically stop charging to protect the battery, avoid safety risks and prolong the service life.
Overcharge Protection
Insert a fully charged battery pack into the charger, the charger will not overcharge, prevent the battery voltage from exceeding the safety threshold, avoid safety risks, and greatly extend the service life.
High Efficiency Li-ion Battery Pack

The high-durability structure specially designed for lithium batteries is safe and practical, and more handy.

Premium Battery Core
High Performance Terminals
Battery Protection Board
High Strength Slide Rail
Shock Absorbing Structure
4 Indicator Lights
High Performance Terminals
Specially treated terminals, high strength, wear-resistant and durable, good over-current capacity, high power transmission efficiency
Battery protection board
Intelligent power management chip, double protection of software and hardware
High strength slide rail
Durable sliding rails with strong connection for high-duty work
Shock absorbing structure
The housing and battery holder are specially reinforced to adapt to working conditions such as shaking and vibration
4 Indicator lights
4 LED indicator lights, accurately display battery level
Durable and Long Service Life

After being fully charged and discharged for 500 times, it can still maintain 85% of the initial battery capacity

Charged and discharged for
500 times
Capacity retention rate
85 %
BMS Battery System

Also known as battery nanny or battery steward, it can intelligently manage and maintain each battery unit, monitor the state of the battery, prevent the battery from overcharging and overdischarging, extend the service life, and bring out the best performance.

Dual-Channel Fast Charger

Two batteries can be charged sequentially or simultaneously1 , reducing charging time and improving efficiency.

MCU Circuit Control System
100-240V Input Voltage
6.5A Charging Current²
Advanced MCU circuit control system
Integrated AIRCOOL technology
100-240V Input voltage
Up to 6.5A charging current*

1. Depending on the model

2. 18V Lithium battery pack charging current is 6.5A