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Electronic Control

ShineMate polishing tool system has a new built-in digital chip controller, which is integrated and interconnected with the motor to provide strong power, it can automatically sense the change of working conditions and voltage, intelligently maintains the output speed, and triggers self-protection function when needed, improving the service life and safety of the machine.

Brushless motor

The power system integrated by the digital controller and the BLDC brushless DC motor has a high torque and long service life, ensuring an efficient polishing experience, and its performance is comparable to that of a wired polisher.

High Torque
Long Service Life
Energy Efficient
Safe and Stable
Smart Sensing Working Conditions
Constant output speed
The controller can automatically sense the working conditions, and can maintain a constant output speed according to load changes to ensure consistent polishing effects.
Intelligent Voltage Adjustment
Real-time voltage detection and adjustment, adapt to wide voltage, can work under the condition of AC voltage fluctuation with stable output.
Intelligent Protection System

The digital chip monitors the power consumption in real time, strictly controls the voltage, current and temperature of the battery pack, and ensures the normal operation of the battery, machine and charger.

Soft Start
Overload Protection
Power-off Protection Function
Soft Start
Increases safety, prolongs the service life of switch, motor and gears, and prevents polish splash.
Current Overload Protection
When the load exceeds the safety range, it will automatically stop to prevent damage due to overload high current. Release and press the switch again to restart the machine.
Power-off Protection Function
When the switch is locked and the machine is running, the machine shuts down due to a dead battery or abnormal power failure, the machine will not start after reinserting the battery, users need to unlock the switch and press the switch again to start, avoiding the safety risk of abnormal start.
Intelligent Control Module

Optimize the machine structure, reduce the amplitude and vibration of the machine, care for your hands, and protect you from occupational diseases such as segmental vibration disease.

Vibration Inhibition Technology
High-precision CNC Components
3D Model Simulation Technology